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RE: Technology upgrade
Free offer to retailers and distributors
We offer a dynamic web site that allows distributors and retailers a portal to place orders, track orders and information about our products and services. The web site has information regarding the marketing of the product and materials such as brochures, counter displays, videos and photographs. We offer private labeling where we package the product in the distributors packaging or supply the product in bulk form for the distributor to package.

Ez Lite Firestarter has been produced for 27 years and is still going strong as it is the best solution available for a broad variety of fire starting applications. The reasons for this sucess are, a quick clean flame in any weather conditions even of the fire starter is wet, it burns hotter, longer with no dangerous flare ups and leaves no residue or waste .

We offer free samples to retailers and distrifbutors, all that we ask is that you try it and consider it for selling in your store . Simply fill out the the form and the product will be shipped to you. A sample pack includes 2, 1lb packages and 2, 2 oz trail size packages, a price list and a order form.

Ez Lite Firestarter the wood shavings are harvested from non endangered, non rainforest, non living trees and is user friendly safe non toxic.

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