Dear Distributor,

I am writing to you to introduce my company’s product Ez Lite Fire Starter. We have been producing this product for 27 years. My name is Daniel R Kentner, I am one of the original family founders of this company. This product was originally developed by my uncle to start pellet stoves and pellet barbecues before the advent of auto lite. The uses for the product have evolved over time and is now used for pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, corn burners camp fires, boaters, burn barrels, rafters outdoorsmen and more.

This product is currently sold in 12 western states, the products are sold by name brand retailers such as Home Depot, Bi Mart, some Ace Hardware stores and others. Many independent retailers also carry the product.

We are actively looking for select distributors that can expand our distribution. We offer private labeling where we package the product in the distributors packaging or supply the product in bulk form for the distributor to package.

Free offer: A sample pack including 2, 1lb packages and 2, 2 oz trail size packages will be shipped to you and all that we ask is that you try it and give us your feedback and consider selling it in your store. To receive the free offer fill out the form here.

I am interested in being vendor and adding our product to your line.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Daniel R Kentner
Daniel R Kentner 14497 S.E Wagon Wheel Lane
Prineville Oregon 97754
Phone: 541-447-7987
Fax: 541- 447-8649
Cell Phone: 541-420-7318
email: dkentner67@gmail.com
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